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Francis - 5 June 02:26

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Providencia - 22 February 04:50

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Roscigno - 18 March 06:56

OK, took the BEM test and came up 65 fo 100 masculine, 69.167 feminine and 56.667 androgynous. But what does this mean, if anything. I always enjoy listening to you. Mainly because I go away asking more questions from the answers given. But that's the point ,right?

Olevia - 5 August 04:26

She is a comely lady and her cleavage is comely. It is rude and disrespectful for North America's government and women to cage men in jails as punishment in their own country just because their bosoms and cleavage is complimented.

Slone - 21 November 19:31

Biosex [sex isn't something you identify with or grow out of. It's also not an assignment. It just is. Someone with a 46 XX karyotype who becomes a trans man still has to worry about estrogen his body naturally produces-even more so if he has a functioning vagina. If we say he has an assigned sex at birth, we're dancing around the fact that he has the karyotype 46 XX and essentially saying the doctor could have made a mistake.

Pasquale - 16 October 07:13

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